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We have decades of experience raising butterflies.  Our primary goal is  education .

Live Butterfly Educational Trailer


I can bring this monarch butterfly trailer to your school or event full of monarch butterflies. 

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We teach a butterfly hatchery method protecting monarchs from predators.

About Us


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Craig's greatest accomplishment by far in monarchy has been providing an educational, live butterfly experience, in all stages, to tens of thousands of Texas children. Our goal is to encourage children to support the conservation of the creatures we've been entrusted with. We've also taken the mobile sanctuary to many events.


 Resolution on House floor presented and passed during the 84th session.

We attend regular Texas State Comptroller task force meetings on threatened and endangered species and advise the board.


 We've spent the last 15 years performing community service and building relationships with elementary school administrators, teachers, and students. We've taken a butterfly sanctuary trailer full of plants and all stages of the life cycle of the Texas state insect, the monarch butterfly, to school campuses and community events. We've had over 35,000 children go through the sanctuary.  In many instances we've provided plants for classroom rearing of monarchs for a science project. Bringing nature to the school saves schools the expense of off campus field trips and raising the butterflies in classrooms proves to be a memorable experience for the children. 


 Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center recognized Craig for partnering them with Texas Parks and Wildlife and First Lady Laura Bush to promote monarch conservation.


Craig the Butterfly Man also represented the State of Texas as part of the International Tent at The Texas Outdoor Expo hosted by The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department for the last two years.


 We've perfected a simple ecologically and scientifically monitored and approved butterfly hatchery system to demonstrate to citizen scientist how they can protect the stages of monarch butterflies. Citizens can raise butterflies in their house in a window and release healthy butterflies to further breed and multiply in the wild. Public gardens, like Riemann Gardens at Iowa State University, have worked to perfect raising techniques. 


Craig is also the founder and administrator of the 4900+ member ""How to Raise Monarch Butterflies "" Facebook group promoting the planting of pollinator gardens with varieties of milkweed and nectar plants. Members bring eggs and caterpillars indoors to predator protected clean "popup" hatcheries where they raise and release monarchs into nature. This is the fastest growing  group in the country participating in the conservation and expansion of the monarch butterfly population outnumbering all levels of government organization combined and continually expanding exponentially. Follow and join our group that includes thousands of monarch and pollinator educators and lovers.


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