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Order popup hamper/hatchery, black tub, and caterpillars in the instruction section below

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Butterfly Hatchery

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We teach a protecting from predators butterfly hatchery method for release

   Written instructions are below.

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Help Save Monarch Butterflies

To ALL butterfly enthusiasts. 

This is the best indoor hatchery I've ever tested and has been approved by U S Fish and Wildlife biologists over 10 years ago. 

This indoor hatchery produces healthy OE free monarchs. Being indoors most predators are not an issue. Live plants is the most important part of this hatchery method.  Let me know how it went for you.       

All you need is a $7 popup  hamper/hatchery  order or buy from Walmart


order Or purchase $3,  14 x 17  black tub from Walmart.

Once you have 4, 1 gallon pesticide free  tropical milkweed with fifty leaves on each plant from a garden center and in the tub,  order 8 ( SECOND  INSTAR) caterpillars from

 (keep the plants watered), not the leaves  keep a little water in bottom of tub 

3) when caterpillars arrive put two on each plant and they will eat the leaves ( they won't need anymore leaves if there were about 50 leaves on each plant. To start) The caterpillars will hang like a J and turn into a green chrysalis and a week later you will have approximately 8 butterflies  ready to release to help increase the monarch population and migration.  These released butterflies will breed again in nature further adding to the monarch population.  Join my mailing list so we can keep you up to date as to what's happening in Monarchy.  You will find out how you can raise more monarchs next time

 Hatchery and plants can  be used again if thoroughly disinfected with 10% bleach solution.

 Remove plants from hatchery  collapse hatchery to original folded shape. Put one gallon of water in tub. Add 1 pint household bleach. Submerge the hatchery in tub for   3 minutes. Remove hatchery and rinse thoroughly. .plants should be bleached with a 10% bleach solution in a spray bottle.  After 2 minutes rinsed thoroughly with clear water in spray bottle   After plantS recover with new leaves,spray leaves tops and bottoms with bleach solution once more. Rinse thoroughly with clear water  Hatchery and plants will be ready for another generation of raising monarchs.

Encourage all your friends and family to raise monarch butterflies for release.

Help spread the Conservation of the monarch butterfly. Take a display popup hatchery with a tub in it to your local garden center.  Put a 8.5" x 11" sign on it.  Help save monarch butterflies at the top in big letters and below it put these instructions below the Help Save Monarch Butterflies.  Tell the manager he can sell 4, 1 gallon insecticide free tropical milkweed if he displays this hatchery with 4, 1 gallon, pesticide free tropical milkweed inside  This type indoor butterfly hatchery has been tried and proven by a U S. Fish and Wildlife biologist and has been used many times with great results for disease free healthy monarchs.      

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