Teaching Yale University students to naturally raise monarchs at the Yale University Farm 2019

Tony Dale and Craig the Butterfly Man

Texas State Representative Tony Dale, the legislature, and Craig the Butterfly Man work together to support the monarch butterfly and other pollinators.

Families inside butterfly sanctuaery trailer

Craig the Butterfly with families in his educational live monarch butterfly sanctuary  trailer.

Dellview Elementary

Classroom plants with caterpillars.

Gardening for butterflies instrucational video

If you're really intent on having butterflies and the plants they love in your yard you will spend a lot of time watching this video. It's in word form at this link

Pollinator cottage garden

Craig and Mary's cottage garden in Branford, Ct'

Museum Event

The mobile sanctuary trailer at the Bob Bullock Museum's Museum Day. in Texas. 

Butterfly Hatcheries

Our approved butterfly hatchery system everyone can use.

Monarchs in Sanctuary Trailer

Monarchs flying in sanctuary trailer


As at Yale University, this is what your hatchery looks like after monarchs have emerged ready to be released to breed in the wild and increase the migration through multiplication and increase our enjoyment of wildlife


Check out this great video