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Raising Monarchs is Fun, Easy, and Necessary

    COMMON milkweed grows  everywhere in the Midwest and  Northeast Starting at the  first of  June. You  can Harvest common  milkweed stems,  catch  a monarch you see laying eggs, and easily raise  100 of them indoors  In a $7  netted popup  PLEASE WATCH THE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS  BELOW !    PHOTO SLIDESHOW IS  AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE  !!   Video  of Common milkweed, with monarch laying.Eggs on it linked  here

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I can bring this monarch butterfly trailer to your school or event full of monarch butterflies

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We have decades of experience raising butterflies

PBS  mini documentary featuring  Craig and  Mary.

Butterfly Hatchery


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We teach a protecting from predators butterfly hatchery method

Small, inexpensive, Monarch Butterfly Hatchery

To ALL butterfly enthusiasts. Citizens are being ask to raise up to 100 monarchs per year for conservation and education linked here;c

This is the best indoor hatchery I've ever tested and has been approved by U S Fish and Wild life  10 years ago              

This indoor hatchery produces healthy  monarchs. Being indoors most predators are not an issue. Live plants is the most important part of this hatchery method.  T

Reach out to a monarch enthusiast or event in your area click on a marker near you       

Get a 15 x 15 x 24  $9  or better 24 x 24 x 36 $27 popup hatchery at this link

 use a 3 lb plastíc coffee container full of water as a vase for milkweed stems or stem box for common  milkweed to immerse it in water to keep them green while caterpillars eat the leaves


Do not order or  go looking for caterpillars or females laying eggs until you have the milkweed. 

if you're in the Midwest or Northeast common milkweed grows everywhere  you will  want  to get a picture or get a picture on your phone  to identify it  and waant to harvest it for your hatchery.  Be sure to take at least a 3 gallon bucket half full of water with you when you go out looking for milkweed to cut to put your stems in.   This is a link to a short video showing a monarch laying eggs on common milkweed

Be sure to thoroughly spray all milkweed stems and leaves' tops and bottoms, with water in a spray bottle Before putting them in the vaselike container full of waterin the hatchery even if they have monarch eggs on them. Remove everything but the eggs from the leaves. Trim the end of the stem slightly just before putting it in the vase. Your vase  should look like a bouquet of milkweed

buy a $4 clear storage container from Walmart drill 1/2" holes in the lid, fill it with water and stick the stems down through the holes so they can take up water. Recut the stems and pull off the bottom leaves just before inserting them in the holes so they take up water better.   

Plant stems immediately Start to "heal" when cut stopping the water from being drawn Up into the plant. When you cut the stalk make the cut so there are a couple leaves close up the stalk from the cut Pull those leaves off at the stem just before inserting the stem in the holes in the lid of the contaîner and immersing  the stem in the water .   this will give the stem 3 places to draw water and will remain green until caterpillars eat it. If you put your hatchery or tub indoors in a east facing window you will eliminate many predator problems just by being indoors. If you put the tub and/or hatchery on a four legged table, putting water filled coasters under each leg  you will create a moat around the leg keeping ants from getting to your eggs and small caterpillars.

  put a caterpillar on each leaf or release  a male  and female in your hatchery to breed and lay eggs on your milkweed.

   Get. Clean  Breeding stock or caterpillars from a friend or give some to a friend to get them started raising and releasing.  Contact

Go together with others to share the shipping

 (keep the plants watered), not the leaves    Dry plants will loose leaves and eventually die.

3) when you get caterpillars put two on each plant and they will eat the leaves ( they won't need anymore leaves if there were about 50 leaveson the tropical milkweed or about  5 big leaves of common milkweed per caterpillar ) The caterpillars will hang like a J and turn into a green chrysalis and a week later you will have approximately 8 butterflies  ready to release to help increase the monarch population and migration Or get a friend involved.   These released butterflies will breed again in nature further adding to the monarch population.  

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 Hatchery and plants can  be used again if thoroughly disinfected with 10% bleach solution.

 Remove plants from hatchery  collapse hatchery to original folded shape. Put one gallon of water in tub. Add 1 pint household bleach. Submerge the hatchery in  a tub for   3 minutes. Remove hatchery and rinse thoroughly. .plants should be bleached with a 10% bleach solution in a spray bottle.  After 2 minutes rinse thoroughly with clear water in spray bottle  During plant growing season put plants outside in the sun, fertilize, put plant coasters under them and keep them watered.   After plantS recover with new leaves, spray leaves tops and bottoms with bleach solution once more. Rinse thoroughly with clear water  Hatchery and plants are ready for another generation of raising monarchs.

Encourage all your friends and family to raise monarch butterflies for release.

Help spread the Conservation of the monarch butterfly. Take a display popup hatchery  to your local garden center.  Put a 8.5" x  11 sign on the hatchery with HELP SAVE MONARCH BUTTERFLIES at the top and these instructions below the headline.  Tell the manager he can sell 4, 1 gallon insecticide free tropical milkweed if he displays this hatchery with 4, 1 gallon, pesticide free tropical milkweed inside  This type indoor butterfly hatchery has been tried and proven by a U S. Fish and Wildlife biologist and has been used many times with great results for disease free healthy monarchs.     



Our primary goal is  education 



Craig the Butterflyman. Craig Oveson.

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Austin, TX · 

RESUME; Craig The Butterflyman; 

Please view this first 

Texas Representative Tony Dale;

Resolution on House floor presented and passed during this 84th session.

Texas State Comptroller Taskforce; I attend regular state comptroller task force meetings on threatened and endangered species and advise the board. We have a robust wildlife protection program headed up by…/species-economy/task-force/

To Whom it may concern; We've spent the last 15 years performing community service and building relationships with elementary school administrators, teachers, and students. We've taken a butterfly sanctuary trailer full of plants and all stages of the life cycle of the Texas state insect, the monarch butterfly, to school campuses and community events. We've had over 35,000 children go through the sanctuary. In many instances we've provided plants for classroom rearing of monarchs for a science project. Bringing nature to the school saves schools the expense of off campus field trips and raising the butterflies in classrooms proves to be a memorable experience for the children. Along with easily available free online study tools including videos and online reading and testing, the…# teacher is able to simply complete the learning process. 

I've been recognized for bringing state agencies and NGOs. together for monarch butterfly conservation The administrators at lady bird Johnson wildfower center 
recognized me for putting them together with Texas Parks and Wildlife and involving them with former First Lady Laura Bushes NGO,
Texan By Nature
We align the broad interests of conservation groups with business, health care, schools, the scientific community, and faith-based organizations.…/Laura-Bush-Brings-Voice-to-Monarch-Co…

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Open Spaces Blog
Former First Lady Laura Bush encouraged all Texans to join her in helping save the monarch by planting native milkweed and nectar-producing plants whether over vast ...


sThanks so very much for you continued support of the Wildflower Center. We really appreciatse your help. Thanks to you, we made that wonderful connection with David Eichler and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. As a result, we were invited to participate in the Texas Monarch and Native Pollinator Conservation Action Plan. Now THAT’S CONSERVATION IN ACTION!

Best wishes,

Karen H. Clary, Ph.D.

Senior Program Manager, Plant Conservation

UT-Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

4801 La Crosse Avenue

Austin, TX 78739


My greatest accomplishment by far in monarchy has been providing an educational
live butterfly experience, in all stages, to 10 ' s of thousands of Texas
children hopefully to encourage them later in life to support conservation
of the creatures we've been entrusted with;

Planted miles of pollinator habitat.…/resident-helps-with-pond-springs-r…/



The local Austin PBS channel KLRU produced a short documentary about the monarch butterfly. We were some of the human participates. We were chosen with the recommendation of the federal refuge Balcones Canyonlands administrators. I use it to introduce myself and it gives me further credibility in the conservation community and schools. ( 6 Minutes;)

We've also taken the mobile butterfly sanctuary to many events including Museum Day at the 
Bob Bullock Museum

If you want more information google me; "Craig The Butterflyman" There's a few more articles published about some other community service I've performed.…# 

We have many educational videos online at my youtube channels

We also represented the State of Texas in the International tent the last 2 years of "The Texas Outdoor Expo" at TPWD. We were next to the Mexican delegation representing the Biosphere Preserve in the mountains where the monarch overwinters. We taught children about the monarch and its migration. 

We've perfected a simple ecologically and scientifically monitored and approved butterfly hatchery system to demonstrate to citizen scientist how they can protect the stages of monarch butterflies. Citizens can raise butterflies in their backyards and release healthy butterflies to further breed and multiply in the wild. Public gardens such as Riemann gardens at Iowa State University. has worked to perfect raising techniques. Iowa State biologists have monitored projects and tested to be sure the monarchs being released will be disease free butterflies released to populate their gardens to compliment their live butterfly conservatory

. I also participate with the 20,000 member "The Beautiful Monarch". Facebook group where trained butterfly enthusiasts plant pollinator gardens with varieties of milkweed and nectar plants. Members bring eggs and caterpillars to predator protected clean sanctuaries where they raise and release monarchs into nature. The membership on this group doubled during the 2017 season to the 20,000 members and we expect it to double again this 2018 monarch season. This is already the largest group in the country participating in the conservation and expansion of the monarch butterfly population outnumbering all levels of government organization combined and continually expanding exponentially. "The Beautiful Monarch" Facebook group has turned monarch conservation into a hobby and national pastime. our communications list. 

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Texas Representative Tony Dale / Craig The Butterflyman

Tony Dale and Craig the Butterflyman work together to…